AMD Radeon VEGA graphics card pictured

Published: 8th Jan 2017, 14:48 GMT

Linus from LinusTechTips had the opportunity to be the first reviewer to see (and touch) new, yet unreleased graphics card based on Vega architecture.

AMD Radeon Vega is not the smallest card

Linus had a quick chat with Raja Kuduri who explained that the card we see here is an engineering sample (obviously). All those connectors are meant for signal control and debugging. What we learn from this video is that Radeon Vega (yet unnamed model) has no hybrid cooling and card is rather long (not including USB board on the side). I’m guessing that the size of the card is dictated by the room required for the cooler (that’s a good sign, it should mean that reference cooler will be better).

Seeing Vega graphics card in such state is clearly something we did not expect, so it must indicate that AMD is almost ready with the design, and it shouldn’t be much different from what can see below:

Check this video:


by WhyCry

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