AMD VEGA architectural upgrades revealed

Published: 2nd Jan 2017, 13:18 GMT

This word cloud was available at official AMD website:

This buzzword cloud reveals that VEGA has 2x peak throughput per clock and 4x higher power efficiency. What we don’t know is what was compared to VEGA.

VEGA will also feature Next Generation Computer Engine, Draw Stream Binning Rasterizer, VEGA NCU (‘Next’ Compute Unit), High Bandwidth Cache/Controller and 512TB of Virtual Address Space. VEGA is said to feature 8x capacity per stack (compared to HBM1?).

So as you can see, there’s are still a lot of questions. We heard that AMD will showcase new VEGA pipeline architecture in just 3 days, so seeing those words being somehow related to the event is not really surprising to us.

We also found this teaser, clearly indicating that Radeon Vega is a marketing name (Radeon Fury successor?):

Source: 3DCenter

by WhyCry

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