PSA: 3DMark update fixes a UI issue, offers better performance

Published: 22nd Dec 2016, 13:37 GMT

The company behind popular 3DMark software, Futuremark, has just released a statement confirming that one of the previous builds (which was already updated last week) could’ve marginally affected the overall score.


Last week, we released a small update for 3DMark to fix a UI issue that could result in marginally lower scores when starting a test from the Benchmark Details screen. Benchmark runs started from the Home screen or the Command Line were not affected.

For context, it is normal for 3DMark scores to vary by up to 3% between runs since there are factors in modern, multitasking operating systems that cannot be completely controlled.

With the update, overall 3DMark test scores may increase slightly by up to 0.3%. Scores from the Physics and CPU parts of benchmark tests may improve by up to 2.5%. These changes bring the scores back in line with results from earlier versions of 3DMark that did not have the UI issue, (v2.0.2809 and earlier).

To get the update, just open 3DMark and you should see a notification with the option to install it. The Steam version and Steam demo have also been updated.


by WhyCry

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