AMD VEGA: Doom 4K/Ultra gaming performance demo & possible specs

Published: 12th Dec 2016, 14:13 GMT

It’s official: first VEGA-based product was announced by AMD. But what did we really learn from all the information that is available in numerous online publications?

AMD Vega demoed in Doom Ultra 4k

I don’t think this video should be posted today, most likely after Zen New Horizon event, so enjoy till it’s available:



Where does it put us performance wise? Somewhere around GTX 1080 level, probably little higher. There are more pictures available, like the one below from PCGH, showing indoor footage at 66 FPS. Cards were tapped at the bracket to eliminate any risk of a leak. This could’ve affected the airflow of the card, and also reduce its performance.

Device ID 687F:C1 confirmed as VEGA, 8GB RAM

One more thing, it appears that 687F:C1 device that was leaked just a few days ago through AOTS benchmark website is indeed VEGA, as confirmed by PCGamesHardware.

More importantly, we learn that Radeon VEGA has 8GB of RAM.



The picture on the left is from PCGH and the picture on the right is from Golem.

AMD ‘VEGA’ has 12.5 FLOPS FP32 computing power

Instinct MI25 is advertised as 25TFLOPs half-precision computing monster that will compete with Tesla P100 deep-learning computing accelerator. This means that single-precision (FP32) raw performance is 12.5 TFLOPs. We concluded that if Instinct MI25 would be clocked at 1525 MHz, this would give us 4096 Stream Processors.


AMD ‘VEGA’ has 512 GB/s memory bandwidth

According to ComputerBase, who were also invited to AMD Tech Summit (where Instinct series were announced), one of the AMD employees said more than he probably should have. He said that MI25 has 512 GB/s memory bandwidth, which means that HBM2-powered VEGA card would have four HBM stacks working at 500 MHz or two stacks operating at 1000 MHz.


Another buzzword, which unfortunately was not explained by any editor who took part in the event, is NCU. NCU is quite possibly the new name for Compute Unit. Whether that’s NEXT Compute Unit or New CU, we don’t know.

AMD ‘VEGA’ Instinct MI25 is dual-slot card

There are not many pictures available, but we found this photo at SemiAccurate. It shows two Instinct cards, the MI6 and MI25. Both are passively cooled cards. The MI25 has at least two power connectors, most likely dual 6-pins.



We also have this photo from, showing amazing masking skills of AMD engineers trying to hide any open space on I/O bracket of a prototype. Some sites claim that this card is the Instinct prototype and others that this is Radeon VEGA, so we don’t really know for sure.

That’s Mini DisplayPort btw:



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