Secret AMD Vega tech day is happening right now

Published: 8th Dec 2016, 13:14 GMT

We have just learned that secret editors day is taking place today. 

AMD VEGA secret event

Our information comes from multiple sources. This usually means solid grounds to consider it as a fact. However we do not know if the event is a regional thing, or how many editors were invited. More importantly, this event is not public. It’s even less public than Polaris Tech Day, which still somehow leaked onto social media. AMD is quite possibly showcasing first graphics cards equipped with VEGA graphics processor to the media. It might also be a briefing before public ZEN presentation, which is expected on December 13th. AMD could make a short demo of both.

AMD VEGA public event

Now this is where things get interesting. We have also learned that AMD is preparing another event for CES 2017, which might be a public launch of VEGA. In case you don’t remember, Polaris Tech Day took place 28 days before RX 400 series were released. So it makes perfect sense that both events are connected. Did you notice that CES takes place in Las VEGAs? ;)


This is literally all know for now. What this all means is that we might be just a month away from VEGA. We will keep you updated if we learn more.

by WhyCry

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