AMD preparing Crimson ReLive driver update

Published: 6th Dec 2016, 17:02 GMT

After months of waiting, AMD finally delivers a simple tool to record, broadcast and share your gameplay videos. It’s called ReLive.

AMD Radeon ReLive

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Is ReLive just a ShadowPlay clone, or more? Well, judging from the presentation, both applications are quite similar to each other. With a small performance impact you can record your gameplay at ease. We get simple overlay menu, similar to ShadowPlays’s, which we can configure what is being recorded. Of course we also have the ability to broadcast our gameplay directly to some of the most popular streaming platforms like Youtube, Twitch, Panda.TV and some Chinese sites like, or

ReLive also has the option to add custom overlay, which can display an image of your choice, a video from webcamera or system information. But the best part is that ReLive requires no online account. Please refer to the documents below for details. I noticed there is no 4K 60 FPS support (yet).

RADEON RELIVE – Capture. Customize. Share
Capture, stream and share your greatest moments and gaming wins with Radeon ReLive. Modify settings quickly, conveniently, and play seamlessly with the easily accessible in-game toolbar. Express yourself in bold new ways with custom scene layouts. Upload your latest highlights and let them be a conversation piece. It’s never been easier to build and grow your online community at anytime, anywhere.
Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition will introduce a brand new feature set into Radeons for enhanced digital video recording like capabilities on your graphics product.

Radeon ReLive contains the following major features:

–Radeon ReLive Overlay/Toolbar
–Instant Replay
–Radeon ReLive and its features have many configuration options within its own navigation tab on the home page for Radeon Settings once it has launched.

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AMD Radeon Chill

The next big update is called Radeon Chill. This feature will give you the option to lower power consumption by dynamically regulating the framerate in games. The way it works is simple. Imagine playing a static scene, where there’s not much of an action. This software will determine if full GPU power is required to handle the scene. So it’s quite similar to VSync, of framerate limiting software, such as Afterburner. You simply decide how much power you are willing to put into action. Of course, this will also mean lower temperatures and noise, hence the name — Radeon Chill.

amd-crimson-relive-videocardz-51 amd-crimson-relive-videocardz-52 amd-crimson-relive-videocardz-53 amd-crimson-relive-videocardz-54 amd-crimson-relive-videocardz-55 amd-crimson-relive-videocardz-56

The Radeon Chill algorithm monitors user inputs in order to determine whether or not quick motion is happening on the screen during a game. If the user is standing still and the display is mostly static, Radeon Chill quickly scales down frame rates to a lower threshold in order to save power. As soon as the user begins moving or interacting with the scene, Radeon Chill responds by instantaneously increasing frame rates to preserve a sense of fluid motion and responsiveness.

Meanwhile, at all times, Radeon Chill avoids running the game at excessively high frame rates that would waste power with little or no end-user benefit.

Because Radeon Chill’s responses are very quick, gamers may not notice that anything is happening as they play. The Radeon Chill algorithm has been designed to avoid having any perceptible negative effect on the gaming experience.

Radeon Chill has the potential to reduce the GPU’s power consumption, heat production, temperatures, and cooling noise without perceptibly altering the gaming experience.

The benefits of Radeon Chill will vary depending on the game and on the performance of the system in question and your experience and your experience with Radeon Chill may differ across game titles, so we encourage you to test it for yourself.

Again, the benefits of Radeon Chill will vary depending on the game and on the performance of the system in question. In cases where frame rates are very high, with relatively easy GPU workloads like eSports games, Radeon Chill has the potential to pay the biggest dividends.

In World of Warcraft on an 8GB Radeon RX 480, Radeon Chill did the following:

–Decreased average GPU power consumption by 31%, from 108W to 75W
–Decreased average GPU temperature by 13° Celsius
–Decreased 99th percentile display time by 51%
–Audibly lowered fan noise and speeds

Radeon Chill actually has the potential to decrease the amount of input-to-response lag compared to a system running without Radeon Chill.

Radeon-Software-Crimson-ReLive-NDA-Only-Confidential-v4-page-055 copy
Q: What API’s does Radeon Chill support?
A: Radeon Chill currently works for DirectX™ 9, 10 and 11 applications.

Q: Will Radeon Chill support other API’s like DirectX®12 and Vulkan™ in the future?
A: Not for the initial public release, however we’re looking into developing its functionalities for future releases.

Q: Does Radeon Chill work with FreeSync?
A: Radeon Chill is an excellent match with a FreeSync capable display.

Q: Does Radeon Chill work with any game?
A: No, currently Radeon Chill only works for a set of games that have been tested by AMD.

Q: Does Radeon Chill replace FRTC?
A: No it currently does not however Radeon Chill does have similar behavior for capping FPS at maximum limits when set per game.

Q: Will Radeon Chill add more games in the future?
A: As more games release we hope to expand Radeon Chill support to a broader set of apps and APIS.

Q: Do I have to enable Radeon Chill for games that are supported?
A: No Radeon Chill is a completely optional feature with toggles for both enabling the feature globally as well as per game.

AMD Radeon, Crimson ReLive Edition

But the latest driver is much more. The drivers are still meant to increase stability and fix the bugs, which were reported by the community. According to AMD, most of those problems were resolved by Crimson ReLIve.


The latest driver will also provide a substantial boost in performance compared to RX 480 launch driver.


AMD FreeSync, now in borderless fullscreen mode

Those who prefer borderless mode, will surely appreciate the option to use FreeSync. This was not possible before, because FreeSync required exclusive fullscreen mode. AMD’s instruction show us how can you test it on your own:

file-page26-copy-881x1140 file-page27-copy-881x1140 file-page28-copy-881x1140

AMD WattMan, now supports Radeon 300/200 and Fury series

This took a while, but we finally get overclocking options for older cards. WattMan is no longer just a feature for RX 400 series. This is something that I really missed in first WattMan supported driver. Why not allow older cards be overclocked with this software? Well, it appears AMD finally decided to bring support to older cards with Crimson ReLive. As a reviewer, I would still appreciate profile saving.


In case you are wondering where are all these features going live. AMD Crimson ReLive edition will be released on December 8th.

AMD Crimson ReLive full presentation:

Source: WCCFTech

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