Are those Radeon RX 490 ‘Vega10’ benchmarks results?

Published: 3rd Dec 2016, 09:14 GMT

New Device ID (687F:C1) has just been discovered at Ashes of the Singularity benchmark website. It appears to be much faster than Radeon RX 480, while offering comparable performance to GTX 1080.

Judging from how AOTS benchmark recognizes dual-GPU graphics cards, the new card is most likely equipped with one processor. This device ID was not shown anywhere yet, so it’s definitely something unreleased. Whether that’s a mobile prototype being tested in desktop platform, or full-fledged Vega 10 device, we don’t know. If the rumors are true, this could be much awaited Radeon RX 490.

Radeon RX 490 ‘Vega10’ is rumored to feature HBM2 memory and 4096 Stream Processors. Unfortunately, AOTS database does not tell us if those rumors are true, since GPU configuration is verified by the software.



However, that result is the best result so far, so we don’t know if those were based on the latest driver or simply card was overclocked. Here are some other results from the same person using the same device:

radeon-rx-490-687f-c1-results2 radeon-rx-490-687f-c1-results3 radeon-rx-490-687f-c1-results4 radeon-rx-490-687f-c1-results5

Here’s my MSI GTX 1080 GAMING X results with Standard 1080p preset and on similar platform (6-core CPU, 32GB):



Source: AOTS, Beyond3D, Planet3DWCCF

Many thanks to wickedplayer494 for the tip!

by WhyCry

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