NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (Ti) Mobile to launch at CES 2017

Published: 1st Dec 2016, 09:24 GMT

According to the latest reports, Pascal GP107 will finally make its way to notebooks in January next year.

Mobile NVIDIA GTX 1050 series at CES 2017


This is actually nothing new, because we already heard this news back in October, as it pointed by LaptopMedia. So the latest report is just a confirmation of what we expected. According to DigiTimes, Intel and NVIDIA are both planning to unveil their brand new mobile products at CES in January. This means high-end Kaby Lake CPUs (like i7-7700HQ/7850HQ) and mid-range graphics cards based on Pascal GP107 GPU. Those two are not likely to be a common configuration, as high-end CPUs are rather tied with GeForce GTX x70 or x80 series. GTX 1050 based notebooks will surely be accompanied by Intel i5 series and slower i7 variants.

The market is currently filled with GTX 960M and GTX950M notebooks, so the late launch of GTX 1050 Mobile is actually nothing surprising as notebook manufacturers need Santa’s help to clear their stocks.

The new notebooks with GTX 1050 series are to be priced in 900-1300 USD range. If you were planning to buy an inexpensive gaming laptop then it would be a good idea to wait.

Source: DigiTimes via NotebookCheck

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