BYKSKI Announces First Water Block for GTX 1050Ti/GTX 1050

Published: 25th Oct 2016, 08:58 GMT


Bykski, known as one of the biggest water block provider in China, releases the water blocks for the latest GPU-GeForce GTX 1050Ti/GTX 1050.

Though the TDP of GTX 1050Ti and GTX 1050 are both at 75W, the water cooling PC is still has a lot of requirements for the lower noise and gorgeous appearance because of the low budget of the NVIDIA new GPU.

The Bykski N-IG1050ONCE-X is release for the Colorful GTX 1050Ti/GTX 1050 graphics cards firstly, because Colorful has the biggest market share in China market. The water block is made of cooper of the base and designed as a full cover with Colorful logo on it, and all the cooper surface is nickel plated for anti-oxidation treatment. It provides direct cooling for both GPU and RAM. And the transparent acrylic cover allows users to watch inside of the water flow. The tube connectors allow the water block install different fittings for different appearances that users like.

The N-IG1050ONCE-X will be on sale for both official online store and regions with BYKSKI distributors, the suggested retail price is $79 USD. And BYKSKI will launch more GTX1050Ti/GTX1050 water blocks for different brands one after another.

bykski-gtx-1050-waterblock-3 bykski-gtx-1050-waterblock-5 bykski-gtx-1050-waterblock-1 bykski-gtx-1050-waterblock-4

by WhyCry

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