AMD launches new Embedded Radeon GPUs

Published: 26th Sep 2016, 19:21 GMT

Tomorrow AMD launches three new graphics cards for embedded systems. 

AMD EMBEDDED Radeon E9550 and E9260

Now before we begin, please note that I only have the slides and no detailed specs. This is important because the pictures used for presentation are showing old Embedded Radeons (based on Tonga and Bonaire). However, there is no Tonga with 36 Compute Units, so.. it has to be Polaris.

So in my post I’m assuming that the presentation is about Polaris GPUs (they used ‘cosmic’ background for a reason, plus E9260 slide is clearly telling us it’s 14nm FinFET GPU).

That said, there are three cards being introduced tomorrow, one based on Polaris 10 (E9550) and two based on Polaris 11 (E9260 MXM&PCIe). The Embedded Radeon E9550 ships in MXM B form factor, it has 36 Compute Units with 2304 Stream Processors on board. This card is also equipped with 8GB of GDDR5 memory and 256-bit interface. The E9260 comes in PCI-E and MXM A formats, both using full chip with 14 CUs and 4GB 128-bit memory.

So the big news here would be that full Polaris 10 is finally available in MXM format and it has TBP under 95W. At this point we should ask: where is RX 480 Mobile (the real one)? As we already know about RX 470 and RX 460 being used in notebooks, so why not launch the full Polaris for notebooks? Maybe AMD is still putting final touches to the design, and that’s why we are not seeing the real photos, but old Embedded Radeons.

amd-embedded-radeon-polaris-1 amd-embedded-radeon-polaris-2 amd-embedded-radeon-polaris-3 amd-embedded-radeon-polaris-footnotes


by WhyCry

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