AMD VEGA and NAVI Roadmap

Published: 21st Sep 2016, 09:53 GMT

Today, we are sharing more details about VEGA and NAVI architectures. It should hopefully help you understand what is coming to professional market in the next 3 years.

Radeon Pro S9 Nano

While consumer Fiji is already EOL, there’s till place for it in the professional market. AMD decided to reuse R9 Nano for servers and call it Radeon Pro S9 Nano. We expect R9 Nano and S9 Nano to share the same specs, but the details are yet unknown. We have learned that this card should launch in few weeks.


Like I said yesterday, full details of VEGA 11 were not yet disclosed. However, I did tell you that Polaris 10 will be replaced by Vega 11 next year. Of course, what I meant was the professional market. It does not mean there won’t be Polaris 10-based Radeons next year. It means that more powerful solutions will be offered in Radeon Pro series with VEGA GPU.


I decided to compile this chart for you to understand the differences between VEGA and Pascal. Like you can see Vega 10 has two stacks of HBM2 memory, hence 16GB configuration. However, it’s unclear if such configuration will be offered with Radeon RX series. Meanwhile dual Vega 10 will get 4 stacks of HBM2. This will also increase bandwidth from 512 GB/s to 1 TB/s.

Vega 10 has 750 GFLOPs of dual-precision computing power (that’s 1/16 of SP). Interestingly it will change with VEGA20, which should have a divider of 1/2 of SP. For such reason, some GPUs (like Hawaii) that offer good dual-precision performance will still be around next year (check the roadmap below). So as you can see Vega10 will compete with Pascal GP100 in half and single-precision computing.

AMD is also developing its NVLink alternative called xGMI for peer to peer GPU communication. It will be available with Naples architecture based on Zen and VEGA 20, which is currently expected in the second half of 2018.

AMD VEGA Architecture
Available20171H 20172H 20172H 2018‘Now’
Architecture14nm GFX914 nm GFX914nm GFX97nm GFX916nm Pascal
Compute Clusters?642x 646456
2 stacks HBM2
4 stacks HBM216/32 GB
4 stacks HBM2
3/4 stacks HBM2
Bandwidth?512 GB/s1 TB/s1 TB/s540/720 GB/s
InterfacePCI-E 3.0PCI-E 3.0PCI-E 3.0PCI-E 4.0/xGMIPCI-E 3.0/NVLink
Double-precision *?750 GF (1/16 SP)?1/2 SP4.7 TF
Single-precision *?12 TF??9.3 TF
Half-precision *?24 TF??18.7 TF
* floating point performance

The roadmap includes VEGA 10, VEGA 10 x2, VEGA 11, VEGA 20, NAVI 10, NAVI 10 x2 and NAVI 11. This is taken from official presentation. Please note it says SERVER GPU:

AMD Server GPU Roadmap


by WhyCry

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