AMD compares Radeon RX 460 Desktop to RX 460 Mobile

Published: 18th Aug 2016, 09:07 GMT

You might have seen these results earlier, because they were leaked few day ago. Today AMD made them official by introducing new line of HP Omen series, which include 15.6 HP Omen laptop equipped with RX 460 graphics card.


“The HP OMEN with the Radeon RX 460 offers similar performance to desktop RX 460 graphics”

This header is actually taken straight from the footnotes of AMD’s blog post. So why they are similar but not equal? Well, we don’t know yet, because AMD has not shared the exact specifications of mobile RX 460, but it would be surprising if desktop and mobile RX 460 had different configurations. That said, the only reason why desktop results are better, is because desktop platform is far more powerful than mobile. The Intel i7-6700K is not exactly the same class of CPU as i5-6300HQ. In fact, desktop CPU is even overclocked to 4.5 GHz, which makes this comparison even more strange.

Radeon RX 460 is considered a great solution for eSport games like DOTA2, League of Legends or Overwatch. In the following comparison we have five games: DOTA2, Fallout 4, Shadow of Mordor, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and GTA 5.

One more thing, HP Omen laptop cannot be purchased outside China. They are sold exclusively at as limited edition.

HP Omen RX 460 Desktop vs Mobile


Testing by AMD Performance Labs July 21, 2016 on a test system comprising an Intel Core i7 6700K CPU, (4.5 GHz), 4x4GB (DDR4-3000 MHz) memory, desktop Radeon RX 460 graphics, AMD driver 16.30 RC’11 and Windows 10.
The HP Omen system was tested with an i5-6300HQ CPU, 2x4GB (DDR4-2133 MHz) memory, Radeon RX 460 graphics, AMD Custom Omen Driver 16.20.1029-160616a and Windows 10.
PC manufacturers may vary configurations yielding different results.

The following games were tested at 1080p on the following settings:

  • DOTA2 (Ultra Presets), Fallout 4 (High Presets),
  • Grand Theft Auto V (High Presets),
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (Medium Settings) and
  • Shadow of Mordor (High Presets).

The HP Omen RX 460 scored: 113.421, 45.867, 66.334, 45.215 and 48.134.
The desktop Radeon RX 460 scored: 119, 50.039, 73.979, 50.936, and 55.75.

Performance may vary based on use of latest drivers. Test results are not average and may vary.

Source: AMD

by WhyCry

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