NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal) 3DMark Performance

Published: 1st Aug 2016, 22:55 GMT

As far as I know, you might have trouble finding reviews of TITAN X Pascal tomorrow, as NVIDIA decided not to sample this model to reviewers (at least that’s what I heard). Some sites will probably still get access to it, but don’t expect a large list of reviews.

Well the good news is that we still have our ways of finding what we need to know, so here it is. What we have are TWO scores of 3DMark Fire Strike. I know that’s NOT MUCH, but probably enough to give you a very basic idea on TITAN X P performance.

NVIDIA TITAN X Pascal 3DMark Performance

GeForce GTX 1080, GTX 1070 and GTX 1060 scores are from my existing and upcoming reviews. Of course all values are showing graphics scores. It’s also worth noting that core clock of TITAN X boosts up to 1.8 GHz in 3DMark.

So what can we see on this chart? Well, it may now explain why GTX 1060 is lacking SLI finger. Two overclocked GTX 1060 cards would probably be faster than TITAN X in synthetics, while being 2.4 times cheaper.

NVIDIA TITAN X has ~1.3x performance of stock GTX 1080 and 1.13x of overclocked GTX 1080. It’s almost 1.5 times faster than GTX 1070 and 1.87x faster than overclocked GTX 1060.

TITAN X goes on sale tomorrow, but no one really knows how fast is it. Does NVIDIA really expect people to pay 1200 USD without knowing what they are paying for?

Of course treat this as a rumor till we get more accurate results.

by WhyCry

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