First 3DMark Time Spy benchmarks hit the web

Published: 14th Jul 2016, 18:03 GMT

Other news outlets released world’s first benchmark results of 3DMark’s latest instalment — Time Spy.

Time Spy benchmark utilizes DirectX 12 API. This is the first synthetic benchmark that is not a tech demo or in-game benchmark. Here’s how Time Spy is compared to Fire Strike:



PCWorld, AnandTech and PCPerspective are sharing two charts, with Async Compute enabled and disabled. I made this overall chart for quick comparison.

3DMark Time Spy (Graphics Score)
(1) ASYNC ENABLED(2) ASYNC DISABLED(1) vs RX 480(2) vs RX 480
GTX 970 (OC)3611359090%100%
GTX 9803674364792%101%
RX 48040013598100%100%
R9 390X (OC)42763692107%103%
R9 FURY (OC)45633944114%110%
GTX 107055455221139%145%
RX 48039733585100%100%
GTX 107056545380142%150%
GTX 108068866415175%178%
GTX 107056325327143%148%
GTX 98039883985101%111%
GTX 9703340334585%93%
R9 FURY X50594407128%122%
R9 NANO44843988114%111%
RX 48039383603100%100%
GTX 1080 SLI1241212248315%340%

PCWorld: 3DMark Time Spy (DirectX 12) Async Enabled / Async Disabled


Anandtech: 3DMark Time Spy (DirectX 12) Async Enabled / Async Disabled

Anandtech Time Spy (3)

Anandtech Time Spy (1)

PCPerspective: 3DMark Time Spy (DirectX 12) Async Enabled / Async Disabled


Source: PCWorld, Anandtech, PCPerspective

by WhyCry & SMiThaYe

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