HIS Radeon RX 480 IceQX2 Roaring pictured

Published: 14th Jul 2016, 08:04 GMT

Finally we get to see the new IceQX2 cooler from HIS.

HIS Radeon RX 480 IceQX2 Roaring 8GB

Say goodbye to gold coolers, say hello to gold lion. The new card from HIS features metallic fan shroud, metallic back-plate and LED illumination. The new IceQX2 cooler also features 0dB technology. It means that the fans (which for some reason are blue) will not spin unless temperature reaches certain level.

This is the only picture of this card I could find so far, so I will update you when more pictures are available. I wonder if there’s a lion on the back-plate?

HIS ICEQX2 RX 480 (1) HIS ICEQX2 RX 480 (2)

HIS Radeon RX 480 IceQX2 Roaring

Source: HardwareBattle, Danawa

by WhyCry

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