Aqua Computer intros kryographics water block for Radeon RX 480

Published: 8th Jul 2016, 08:54 GMT

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The German-based liquid cooling specialist Aqua Computer has added the kryographics RX 480 cooling block to its portfolio.

The kryographics RX 480 is completely CNC manufactured. The production takes place in Aqua Computers own production facilities in Germany. The base is made of electrolytic copper with a thickness of 10mm.

A precise manufacturing allows using thermal grease not only for the GPU but also for the RAM. This ensures the best possible connection between the graphics card and cooler. For the voltage regulators a thermal pad is included in the scope of supply.

The area above the GPU features a jet plate that pushes water into two directions through a micro structure. A side channel routes water towards the VRMs.

Preinstalled nickel plated spacers allow for an easy and secure installation. All relevant contact surfaces are polished to gain a perfect heat transfer. The connection terminal is made of Delrin and can be replaced with kryoconnect adapter kits to connect several blocks with each other.

Shipping of the copper variant will start next week. In about two weeks the kryographics RX 480 will be also available as nickel plated variant.

Both versions can be already ordered in Aqua Computers webshop. The price of the kryographics RX 480 copper version is 99.90 Euro while the nickel plated version can be purchased for 114.90 Euro.

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