NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN based on Pascal to launch in August?

Published: 5th Jul 2016, 09:43 GMT

Some fresh news about a new TITAN have just popped up at VR-World.

GeForce GTX TITAN ‘P’, GTX 1080 Ti

Before we begin, few words those who are unfamiliar with VR-World website. You might remember a site called Bright Side of News (BSN). VR World is essentially BSN’s new name, you can still find all BSN articles at VR World. Theo Valich is known editor and I don’t think his latest post is just a rumor.

According to the article, VRW staff had the opportunity to hold ‘GP100/102-based GTX TITAN’ in their hands just few days ago. Although this card (TITAN) is not expected to hit the market before GP102 Quadro implementation goes official, VRW actually gave us a date, which is August 17th to 21st at Gamescom in Germany.

GP102-based solutions will likely target 250W TDP, just as their predecessor for the past few years. Those boards would be powered by 6+8pin power connectors.

The so called TITAN P(ascal) would use either 12GB or 16GB HBM2 memory, with bandwidth 50% higher than GTX 1080 (so around 480 GB/s). According to VRW, GTX TITAN P would be roughly 50% faster than GP104-based cards.

Those numbers are not taken from thin air. If you remember this picture I posted (even before GP104 specs were known), then you should understand what NVIDIA is trying to do. Their idea is to use modular GPC layout where they add more blocks for faster GPUs. So far it turned out to be true for GP104 and GP106.

The only question is, would GP102 use the same block configuration as GP100?

NVIDIA Pascal GP100 Family GPU Block Diagram

Source: VR World via TPU

by WhyCry

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