Full AMD’s Polaris 10 GPU has 2304 Stream Processors

Published: 4th Jul 2016, 13:07 GMT

PCGamesHardware sat down with Evan Groenke (Senior Product Manager for Polaris 10) for a talk. 

AMD Polaris 10 chip has 2304 cores and no more

As we await custom Radeon RX 480 cards, there’s not really much to talk about regarding Polaris 10 architecture anymore.  However, one rumor is still floating around, even though reviewers tried to make it as clear as possible that it’s not true.

The rumor was that Polaris 10 could feature 40 Compute Units and therefore 2560 Stream Processors (so just as Pascal GP104). Unfortunately this is ultimately confirmed not to be true:

PCGH: Is the P10 a 36-CU-part and no hidden additional CUs?

Evan Groenke: I can absolutely confirm with you right here, that Polaris 10 in its full configuration defined by the silicon is a 36 Compute Unit configuration there’s nothing else hidden on that product that end users might be looking forward to unlocking. This is the pinnacle, the latest and greatest of the Polaris 10 product.

Polaris 10 Block Diagram

So there you have it. Chances of Radeon RX 490 using Polaris 10 are close to none, unless.. 490 is dual-GPU.

Source: PCGamesHardware

by WhyCry

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