First Radeon RX 480 gaming benchmarks hit the web

Published: 28th Jun 2016, 07:32 GMT

It appears that first confirmed gaming benchmarks of RX 480 have surfaced.

AMD Radeon RX 480 gaming benchmarks

Polish magazine called CD-Action shares some information about RX 480 performance in three games, Metro Light Light Redux, Witcher 3 and World of Tanks.

Średnie detale = Medium details
Bardzo wysokie detale = Very high details

According to the review,  5% overclocking causes severe artifacts in 3DMark, while 7% overclock causes system to freeze. Not a word about drivers uses though.

It’s interesting to see reference RX 480 review sample being compared to to highly customized ZOTAC AMP! Omega (clocked at 1304 MHz).

Radeon RX 480 CD Action (1) Radeon RX 480 CD Action (2)


by WhyCry

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