AMD’s ‘The Uprising’ marketing campaign unveiled

Published: 12th Jun 2016, 15:14 GMT

Interesting article was just published at Forbes. It sheds some light on AMD’s upcoming ‘uprising’ campaign, which will accompany Radeon RX 400 series and Polaris architecture launch.

AMD: The Uprising


In exclusive interview Raja Koduri and Chris Hook share their perception of today’s average gamer. They explain why Radeon Technologies Group will now focus on mid-range market, and what does it mean for gamers. They also acknowledge what gamers expect from AMD, and what AMD is going to do about it.

AMD RTG Goals (according to Forbes):

  • Prestige. “They wanted the prestige of a $700 graphics card, but they didn’t want to have to pay for it,” Hook begins.
  • VR that just works. “They wanted the ability to have a great VR experience today or two years from now without worrying about upgrading power supplies and digging into their PC. They wanted to buy a headset at some point and just have it work.”
  • Respect their investment. “They wanted us to pay respect to the dollars they were giving us and do things in the architecture or transistors or APIs or ASync Compute, that provided a measure of ‘futureproofness.’ They wanted to be reassured that even if they’re only spending $200 they’d feel secure in their investment for a couple years.”
  • More overclocking control. “We brainstormed what kind of voltage control could be given to them to create a better experience.
  • Better drivers. “We feel we’ve made a great first step there, and we’re only going to be putting a heavier foot on the gas this year and next year to make those drivers better and better.”

I think the most interesting part is about giving users more control in overclocking. AMD has already improved driver support and how they communicate each release. However I’m not sure if average gamer really cares about VR, where HMDs cost 600 USD (Oculus Rift) or 800 USD (HTC Vive)…

Anyway I just wanted to let you guys know about this interview, check this link for the full story.

AMD Polaris Uprising

by WhyCry

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