NVIDIA GeForce 10 Mobile series to be released in August

Published: 7th Jun 2016, 13:36 GMT

NVIDIA GeForce 10 Mobile Series

According to Bench Life, NVIDIA is almost ready with its new GeForce 10 Pascal series for notebooks, however we might have to wait another two months for official introduction.

GeForce GTX 1080 & 1070 for notebooks

GeForce 10 mobile series are codenamed N17x, as revealed by leaked screenshot. The website also confirms that NVIDIA will not be using M postfix for its high-end cards. However, it does not necessarily mean they will share specifications with desktop variants. Earlier rumors indicate that NVIDIA is preparing new mobile Pascal graphics card with 2048 CUDA cores, and there is no such GP104 based GeForce card.

Bench Life confirmed with two NVIDIA partners: A (Asus?) and C (Clevo?), that we won’t be seeing new Pascal mobile cards till first week of August. NVIDIA could be waiting to see where Polaris 10 Radeon RX 400M parts will go.

Source: BenchLife

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