NVIDIA Pascal GP102-400 spotted

Published: 5th Jun 2016, 17:41 GMT

The second rumor for today comes from two places.

NVIDIA Pascal GP102-400

The first part of this rumor came from Geeks3D forums. It was discovered in ‘some obscure places’, that NVIDIA is currently testing three GPUs, the GP102, GP104 and GP106.

NVIDIA Diagnostics Tool

There’s currently only one variant of GP102 silicon being evaluated (-400), and this is most likely the full chip. This chip could either be used in GeForce GTX 1080 Ti or in successor to TITAN series.

The GP102 is no doubt the GPU that will compete with VEGA 10, so it’s hard to predict where NVIDIA is going to use it.

Thanks to this leak we also learn about new GP104 variants. The GP104-725, 950, 975, 985 are quite possibly new Quadro and Tesla variants.

Furthermore there are also three GP106 chips being tested. The GP104-300 and 400 might be GeForce variants (GTX 1060/GTX 1050), whereas the 750 could be Quadro.

GP100-A01P / GP100-VSXB-24-A1-5X


GP104-200-A1 / GP104-PS-NB – ASUS’ teaser?
GP104-200-A1 / GP104-PR-DT / GeForce GTX 1070 / dev_id 1B81
GP104-200-A1 / GP104-PS-DT
GP104-400-A1 / GP104-PR-DT/ GeForce GTX 1080 / dev_id 1B80
GP104-400-A1 / GP104-PS-DT
GP104-725-A1 / GP104-PS-DT
GP104-950-KD-A1 / GP104-PR-DT
GP104-975-A1 / GP104-QS-9XX
GP104-985-A1 / GP104-QS-9XX

GP106-300-A1 / GP106-QS-V0-F0-300-V1
GP106-400-A1 / GP106-QS-400-V1
GP106-750-A1 / GP106-QS-750

NVIDIA PG611 board

The second part of this rumor came from Korean certification office (National Radio Research Agency). The new board that passed all obligatory tests is called PG611, and you probably wonder what is so special about it. Well the last two boards that were certified by the same office were PG411 (GTX 1080) and PG413 (GTX 1070). We also know about Pascal GP106 PG418 board that is used in Drive PX 2 module, but was not certified as of yet.

The last board that was using PG6xx nomenclature was based on GM200 Maxwell GPU. If NVIDIA was to follow the same principle in its naming schema, PG611 should feature the so-called Big Pascal (GP100 or GP102).

Of course I’m not claiming that there’s a new card just around the corner, but seeing more and more leaks about GP102 does make me wonder how close are we to its launch. The PG611 could also be Tesla P100, because cards that we saw at GTC were not even certified at the time.


Source: Geeks3D, 3DCenter

by WhyCry

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