AMD Polaris Tech Day: NDA ends on June 29th

Published: 27th May 2016, 11:15 GMT

AMD Polaris Tech Day (2)AMD Polaris Tech Day (3)

AMD Polaris Tech Day is about to start soon. Editors who are already in Macau are enjoying their trip to ‘Las Vegas of Asia’. Thanks to Daeguen Lee’s Liveblog we get to see some interesting stuff.

Above you can see the NDA paper that reviewers are told to sign as they arrive. The date expires on 29th June, which many of you will find strange. However this is exactly what we were expecting. Official ‘hard launch’ of Polaris GPUs was planned for early July. This date indicated that on Wendensday June 29th we might be seeing first reviews of Polaris graphics cards. At worst this would mean AMD will allow reviewers to release more information about Polaris architecture, however since this is almost a month after June 1st event, then actual GPU reviews are more likely to be the case.

We are also seeing a lot of new RADEON logo,  which may confirm my speculation that AMD is indeed replacing its old logo.

AMD Polaris Tech Day (4) AMD Polaris Tech Day (1)

DGLee’s Macau Polaris Tech Day Liveblog:

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