Exclusive: AMD Radeon R9 480 based on Polaris 10

Published: 23rd May 2016, 13:00 GMT

We have all been waiting to hear more about Polaris GPUs, so today I’m pleased to tell you that we finally have some confirmed information.

AMD Polaris 10 GPU hero

AMD Radeon R9 470 and R9 480 are based on Polaris architecture

Everyone (me included) was wondering if AMD is going to market Polaris 10 as R9 490 series. Should AMD decide to use Polaris 10 for 490 series, competitive performance to higher-end cards would be expected. Should AMD use P10 for 480 instead, we would expect good performance per dollar,competitive mid-range solution and R9 390 series replacement.

Well today I can finally tell you that we have confirmed through our independent sources that AMD is launching Radeon 470 series and 480 series in the next few weeks, and that Radeon 480 series are based on Polaris 10.

AMD has been very secret about Polaris GPUs to its partners. Company has only started sharing detailed information just few weeks ago.

AIBs won’t show Radeon R9 480 series at Computex

The lack of concrete information has definitely affected the production of custom Polaris boards. What’s interesting is that AMD has not even allowed its partners to show prototypes at Computex. It means that — at best — we can only expect presentations of new cooling solutions, but nothing that could be called officially named after Radeon 400 series, unless… AMD changes its mind.

Of course this does not change anything for Polaris paper launch on June 1st, where AMD promised ‘Polaris update’.

Well that’s it for now. We have much more information to share, but we will try to confirm it before publishing another story about Polaris.

by WhyCry

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