Inno3D presents new iChiLL cooling solution for GeForce 1000 Series

Published: 19th May 2016, 17:06 GMT

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InnoVISION Multimedia Limited, a leading manufacturer of high-end hardware components and computer utilities, introduces its new iChiLL air cooling solution built for the high end graphics cards to be launched this year. Built around 3 large 92mm super silent fans and optionally complemented by a 4th 50mm fan, the A.P.C.S. design optimizes the heat dissipation via its integrated heat-pipes and 123 aluminum cooling fins.

As a result of years of technological progress and expertise have brought the iChiLL brand to a point that we can make a difference for the high-end gamer and design creation professional achieving high performance, outstanding temperature control and at super silent noise levels.

“Heat production has been the major drawback for high end graphics cards and we have found ways to further optimize and improve our overall top solution under our iChiLL label and built to bring out the best of NVIDIA’s consumer products.” says Ken Wong, Product Manager at Inno3D. “And the beauty of it is that the new release of our iChiLL products does not increase cost nor will it increase our MSRP for the end customer.”

The iChiLL line-up will come in two models; the X3 model (3 fans) is built with Scythe fan blades for silent operation and the X4 model (4 fans) is built with 15 turbine blades for extra cooling performance operation. Both models will become available on the Inno3D next gen custom built graphics card solutions, coming out in the near future.

Inno3d GTX 1080 GTX 1070 iChill

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