AMD to give an ‘Inside look at Polaris’ on May 18th

Published: 13th May 2016, 18:14 GMT

More information about Polaris on May 18th

AMD is hosting Meet The Experts webinar with David Nalasco on May 18th. During this webinar AMD is said to give ‘an inside look at Polaris’. David Nalasco is Sr. Technology Manager at Radeon Technology Group.

This webinar would be hosted just one day after NDA for GeForce GTX 1080 ends. So we might get some teasers of new cards, but chances for product announcements are low. However we expect to hear more about current roadmap for Polaris.

UPDATE: AMD community manager confirmed that this webinar will not provide any specific details about Polaris.

Hey guys,
I noticed the hype train full steam about this call on 5/18 but I need to put the brakes on this for now :(.
This is a high-level partner webinar, and there will be no specific technical details discussed.
I want to set expectations here, and while this may seem incredibly disappointing, you’ll know more about Polaris soon (no ™).
Pls no shooterino the messenger. While tempted to downvote, please do the opposite to bring awareness.

AMD Polaris MTE Twitter

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Source: AMD

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