ZOTAC teases GeForce GTX 1080 PGF Edition and new FireStorm utility

Published: 12th May 2016, 08:03 GMT

PGF Series

Let’s start with the new series. PGF stands for Prime Gamer Force, and those cards will be ZOTAC’s most powerful series. ZOTAC’s Extreme series were already one of the most modified cards on the market. PGF series are meant to succeed them.


ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 PGF

Here’s the first render of the new ZOTAC GTX 1080 PGF graphics card. As you can see it has large and thick illuminated backplate, which will be controlled through the new app. The PCB appears to be modified as well, it is much wider than reference design. We can even spot OC+ module known from other ZOTAC EXTREME graphics cards.

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 PGF Series

ZOTAC FireStorm

With Pascal announcement ZOTAC also decided to refresh its FireStorm utility. This is probably not the most popular overclocking tool, but the latest revision is no worse than competing software. The new version brings more features and control over the GPU. We can now control each card in SLI configuration, apply ‘Z-Elves’ presets, or modify animations of GTX 1080 LEDs.

Also 5650 MHz memory clock, as indicated by those screenshots gives us 11.3 GHz effective clock and bandwidth of 361 GB/s.

ZOTAC FireStorm GTX 1000 (3)

ZOTAC FireStorm GTX 1000 (1) ZOTAC FireStorm GTX 1000 (2)

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