AMD allegedly pushes VEGA GPU forward to October

Published: 10th May 2016, 17:54 GMT

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 10 Series announcement has put some doubts on how AMD is planning to address such a powerful GPUs with Polaris architecture. However according to some unconfirmed whispers AMD might have just changed its plans for (probably most awaited) enthusiast GPU called VEGA 10.

AMD VEGA in October?

According to 3DCenter, AMD decided to release VEGA sooner than previously planned. VEGA 10 GPU (’10’ is speculated codename) is currently expected to launch alongside Battlefield 1 somewhere in October. This is of course just preliminary date, which can still change in one way or another, but it basically means VEGA would launch one quarter sooner than official roadmaps originally suggested.

VEGA GPU has been a subject to numerous leaks in the past. It was suggested by AMD employee social media account that VEGA 10, which we also know as Greenland, could very well feature 4096 Stream Processors. This would probably mean much higher performance than current Fiji silicon, as VEGA 10 is said to be manufactured in more power efficient fabrication node (either TSMC 16nm or GlobalFoundaries 14nm). Additionally VEGA would benefit from new HBM2 memory technology, as revealed by the roadmap.

Meanwhile NVIDIA is probably not interested in replacing GP104 products sooner than next year, so AMD would have enough time to gain some share in enthusiast market.

AMD Radeon Polaris Vega Navi GPU Roadmap

AMD Radeon 2016-2017 Polaris Vega Navi Roadmap

Source: 3DCenter

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