AMD Polaris 10 and 11 OpenGL benchmarks spotted

Published: 29th Apr 2016, 14:51 GMT

AMD Polaris 11 and 10 spotted on GFXBench

There are few things to consider before you try to analyze those scores. First, we don’t know if those parts are mobile or desktop, secondly we don’t know what platform was used, furthermore it’s unclear if those chips were running at full speed and using full silicons, and finally OpenGL benchmarks are often capped at 60 FPS. So in other words, those values are probably not the best specimens for inter-GPU comparison, if they are useful at all.

However new scores reveal the following: AMD Polaris 11 SKU 67E8 is faster than Polaris 11 67FF, and.. that’s basically all we can learn from this leak.

To illustrate how strange those results are I compared it to Polaris 10 67DF which is also present in GFX database. Surprisingly or not, it appears to be just as fast as Polaris 11 67E8.

Finally it’s worth adding that Polaris 11 67FF was already leaked through CompuBench database, which is using different API – OpenCL. For us OpenCL is more useful as it shows active Compute Units. OpenGL manifests are less intuitive to analyze.

Polaris 11 (67FF) / Polaris 11 (67E8) / Polaris 10 (67DF) / GTX 950

AMD Radeon Polaris 11 GPU OpenGL Benchmarks

Many thanks to 2355 for the tip.

Source: GFXBench #1 #2

by WhyCry

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