NVIDIA Pascal Editors’ Day to take place next week

Published: 28th Apr 2016, 20:15 GMT

NVIDIA Editors’ Day 2016

We’ve confirmed this information with three independent sources (Jen-Hsun, Jen-Hsun doppelganger and Elon Musk). NVIDIA Editors’ Day 2016 will take place next week in USA. It’s a special event for reviewers and technology enthusiasts who are invited for a briefing about new graphics cards. During this day NVIDIA will inform the press about new Pascal-based graphics cards.

Our sources claim that two graphics cards will be unveiled. So this should probably mean GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 showcase.
We are avoiding the term ‘announcement’ as it remains unclear if the event will be live streamed for public audience or its content will be disclosed later when NDA lifts. Normally NVIDIA tends to call public events as ‘press conferences’, so it is unlikely we will be seeing official confirmation of this Pascal event.

The last major Editors’ Day took place in 2014, a week before Maxwell GM204 announcement. So this should give you a perspective on when to we expect GeForce Pascal cards (I’m thinking maybe second or third week of May).

UPDATE: According to VRWorld Editors’ Day will take place on May 6th.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB GP104-400

Probably the worst GTX 1080 mockup you will ever see

by WhyCry

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