AMD Radeon Pro Duo review posted ahead of launch

Published: 25th Apr 2016, 20:44 GMT

As always, Expreview are the first to post their review ahead of launch.


AMD Radeon Pro Duo is 50% faster than Radeon Fury X

The most powerful card on the market, and also one of the most expensive, will be officially released tomorrow. Since AMD has not seeded samples to reviewers, most of them do not care about NDA. Expreview are the first to post their review and, in fact, we don’t really expect too many of such reviews to be posted..

This new Dual-Fiji monster is roughly 50% faster than Fury X in 1920×1080 resolution and 60% in 4K.

AMD-Radeon-Pro-Duo-Benchmarks-Results_4K AMD-Radeon-Pro-Duo-Benchmarks-Results_1080P

Compared to GeForce GTX 980 Ti we get a 60% performance boost over NVIDIA’s solution in 4K, but once we switch to full HD the difference drops to 30%.

AMD-Radeon-Pro-Duo-Benchmarks-Results_4K_GTX-980-Ti AMD-Radeon-Pro-Duo-Benchmarks-Results_1080P_980-TI.jph_

In terms of power consumption we actually have some interesting results. The massive improvement in power efficiency and choice of dual Nano Fiji chips has definitely taken its toll on the results. Furmark which is often referred as GPU Virus shows dramatic drop in GPU clock speed, similar to what we see with R9 Nano, this actually lowers performance, but keeps power consumption at really low value.


Same thing happens with GPU temperature. The maximum temperature is actually lower for Pro Duo in Furmark, but it’s 4°C higher in Heaven. Yet again, we need to take into account how much the Pro Duo is downclocked during this test. It appears that either 300W power consumption or 55°C are set as maximum desired configuration, thus forced downclocking.


Also here are the official 3DMark scores from XFX:

AMD Radeon Pro Duo Review (3) AMD Radeon Pro Duo Review (5) AMD Radeon Pro Duo Review (4)

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