XFX Radeon Pro Duo pictured up close

Published: 25th Apr 2016, 10:17 GMT

AMD Radeon Pro Duo, card so rare that even most trusted reviewers will not receive a sample. However some sites were still able to secure a sample from AIBs or cooperating stores. Expreview is one of such sites.

Their sample comes from XFX, which is apparently shipped in the same box as any other Pro Duo, except it does not come with a ‘free Fiji’ GPU.

This card will officially go on sale tomorrow, so for actual benchmarks we still need to wait for NDA to end.

Radeon_Pro_Duo_02 Radeon_Pro_Duo_03 Radeon_Pro_Duo_04 Radeon_Pro_Duo_05 Radeon_Pro_Duo_07 Radeon_Pro_Duo_09 Radeon_Pro_Duo_11 Radeon_Pro_Duo_12 Radeon_Pro_Duo_13  Radeon_Pro_Duo_15 Radeon_Pro_Duo_18 Radeon_Pro_Duo_19 Radeon_Pro_Duo_25 Radeon_Pro_Duo_26 Radeon_Pro_Duo_28  Radeon_Pro_Duo_30 Radeon_Pro_Duo_31 Radeon_Pro_Duo_34

For some reason guys from Expreview did not remove the shroud to show us the unique cooling mechanism designed by CoolerMaster. So here is how it looks under it.

AMD Radeon Pro Duo 06

by WhyCry

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