NVIDIA Pascal GP104 GPU pictured up close

Published: 22nd Apr 2016, 10:23 GMT

NVIDIA Pascal GP104 vs GM200 vs GM204 GPU Comparison

It’s finally here, a good quality picture of NVIDIA’s upcoming Pascal GPU — GP104.

NVIDIA GP104-200 pictured


This GP104-200 variant is supposedly planned for GeForce GTX 1070. Although it is a cut-down version of GP104-400, both GPUs will look exactly the same. The only difference being modified GPU configuration. The high quality picture is perfect material for comparison. By comparing it to ‘performance’ Maxwell chips (GM200 and GM204), we immediately notice that GP104 appears to be smaller than both.

NVIDIA GP104 GPU Die Size estimation
GPUWidth (px)Height (px)Area (px2)Estimated Die Size (mm2)

To estimate the size of the die we are counting pixels and using GM204 as our control unit. Based on my calculations die of GP104 appears to be 333 mm2.

The leaker also published the picture of the same GPU mounted on the PCB. It’s not the best quality out there, but it was helpful for our comparison mockup. This picture also shows eight memory modules which appear to be exactly the same Samsung 8Gbps 8Gb modules we saw with previous leak. It basically means GeForce GTX 1070 (and probably GTX 1080) will feature 8GB GDDR5 memory at 2000 MHz (8GHz effective) frequency.

Update: Leaker also says that GTX 1080 will feature GDDR5X memory, while GTX 1070 will stick to GDDR5 standard, both using 256-bit memory bus. Cards based on GP104 GPU are to be equipped with three DisplayPorts, HDMI and DVI.

NVIDIA Pascal GP104-200 on PCBGP104-200-A1


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