NVIDIA Pascal GP106 in autumn

Published: 19th Apr 2016, 08:54 GMT

According to SweClockers, NVIDIA currently has no plans to unveil GP106-based products sooner than in few months.

NVIDIA Pascal GP106 not at Computex

NVIDIA GP106 GTC 2016 vs GM206 GPU

The GPU that we were analyzing so deeply in previous article is said to arrive a bit later than we thought. Despite finished design that was showcased on stage by Jen-Hsun with Drive PX 2 module, the GPU itself is not yet ready for gaming devices.

The first wave of GeForce 1000 series will only include performance products like GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. The mid-range solution will be released later. This is actually nothing new, because NVIDIA has been doing this for quite some time. Rather than release full portfolio (like AMD likes to do), they split each launch to when they feel it’s suitable.

The same source also claims that GP106 cards will not require additional power connectors. So it might fit into same power envelope as GTX 750 series or recently announced 75W version of GTX 950. AIBs will probably still add power connector as it adds more field for overclocking.

Since GeForce GTX 960 and GTX 950 are still filling the market in high volume, there’s no need to release GM206 successor right now. That said, if you were looking forward to purchasing GeForce GTX 1060, then you might have to wait a little bit longer.

Source: SweClockers

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