NVIDIA already sending out invitations for Pascal launch to the press

Published: 12th Apr 2016, 12:33 GMT

According to Czech website PCTuning, NVIDIA is already sending out press invitations for imminent Pascal launch.

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The leaker is not certain when exactly will this event take place, nor we are told if the launch will be a public event. The event might just as well be the so-called Editor’s Day, which often takes place before sending press samples for reviews. So this event is more like a briefing for editors. That said, if you are expecting Jen-Hsun to show his new leather jacket during live webcast, then you might be disappointed.

I can’t be quite time-specific, but one thing is certain – the launch is approaching , since Nvidia already sends out invitations to the press presentation of the new cards. Reviews and all the information comes in three (maximum four) weeks. — PCTuning (Google Translation).

Although we are not certain when will this event take place, we are told that reviews should be posted in ‘maximum four weeks’. That would be two weeks before Computex.

Source: PCTuning

by WhyCry

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