Allplayer announces Catzilla 4K benchmark

Published: 7th Apr 2016, 15:38 GMT

Following the latest trends in graphics technology, Catzilla benchmark was updated to reflect the popularity of high-resolution displays with new 4K test.

Megazilla Cat now in 4K


Today I wrote about new update coming to 3DMark, but 3DMark is not the only graphics benchmark that is being updated today.

The new Catzilla Benchmark received a lot of updates. It’s been a while since developer team added support for new cards. In fact, before 4K was announced the GTX 980 was still shown as GTX 880. Well today’s update adds support for basically whole GeForce 900 series, Fury Series, Radeon Pro Duo, and it finally has proper recognition of Radeon 300 series. So yes, it wasn’t updated in almost a year.

Anyway, the 4K benchmark adds new features and optimizations. The scoring system has been simplified, and since update user will now be shown both score and framerate graph. Catzilla 4K also adds ‘upgrade recommendation system’, which is based on more than a million results gathered in a database. Program will now tell you which components should be replaced to increase your Catzilla score and therefore meet minimum requirements of some of the most popular games.

You can get your free copy of Catzilla at Unfortunately free account only gives you access to 720p test. It also seems that you need 4K monitor to run new test.

4K Catzilla


by WhyCry & SMiThaYe

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