NVIDIA announces Tesla P100 with HBM2

Published: 5th Apr 2016, 17:37 GMT

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NVIDIA announces first Pascal-based graphics card with staggering 150 billion transistors (the full package).

TESLA P100 has 150 billion transistors

While 150 billion transistors seems like a large number, this is not just the GPU. Total number of transistors comes from GPU, HBM and interposer. The GPU itself only has 15.3 billion transistors..

TESLA P100 becomes the first Pascal GPU and the first HBM2 based graphics card.

NVIDIA decided to go full throttle on new FinFET 16nm architecture by designing the biggest possible chip.

TESLA P100 has die size of 600m2, which is exactly how I predicted in my last article about Pascal. It’s the most complex project NVIDIA has ever built.

The chip has some amazing specs and performance.

  • 21.2 TFLOPs FP16
  • 10.6 TFLOPs FP32
  • 5.3 TFLOPs FP64

Tesla P100 GPU

Jen-Hsun Huang announced that P100 is in volume production today. This chip will not reach OEM market sooner than Q1 2017, so (G)P100 based might not launch as soon as we expect.

The exact specifications were not revealed: CUDA Cores, clock speed, memory capacity. Tesla P100 has 3584 CUDA cores, which gives us 10.6 TFLOP  FP32 performance.

NVIDIA_Tesla_P100_GPU_front4 P100Back NVIDIA_Tesla_P100_GPU_topangleleft4 P100

Graphics ProcessorNVIDIA GP100 (Tesla P100)NVIDIA GM200
Die Size610 m2601 mm2
FP32 Computing Performance10.6 TF6.1 TF
CUDA Cores35843072
Memory Typeup to 16GB HBM2up to 24GB GDDR5

Pascal HBM2


TESLA P100 servers

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