AMD announces GPU roadmap for 2016-2019, POLARIS to be followed by VEGA and NAVI

Published: 14th Mar 2016, 22:27 GMT

AMD Radeon Polaris Vega Navi GPU Roadmap

AMD has announced that next gen architecture Polaris will be followed by Vega and Navi.

Vega is first architecture to benefit from HBM2, according to the slide, it is not coming this year but in 2017.. Does it mean Polaris is only HBM and GDDR5(X) based? We should learn more soon.

Navi is architecture coming in 2018 which will benefit from scalability and ‘nextgen memory’. AMD has not explained what those buzzwords mean.

Polaris, Vega and Navi are all named after stars and galaxies.

by WhyCry

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