AMD promises ‘a sneak peek of Polaris’ during Capsaicin live event on March 14th

Published: 11th Mar 2016, 22:47 GMT

Small News : as we get closer to the live event called Capsaicin, AMD marketing team is sharing more teasers on what to expect.

Capsaicin Radeon Logo

AMD Radeon ‘Capsaicin’ to introduce Polaris

In press release we read:

Event Will Feature Industry Luminaries Including Crytek, HTC, Oculus, and Previews of New Silicon and Software Advancements

Obviously the focus is always on hardware, so ‘previews of new silicons’ is what everyone is waiting for. Today however AMD has told us more in a new tweet, where they promised ‘a sneak peak of Polaris’. This could simply mean that we are finally going to see Polaris GPU or at least a presentation.. well sneak peak could mean a lot, but one would expect the actual GPU to be shown, especially since some press members already saw it.

The event will also focus on Virtual Reality, hence Crytek, HTC and Oculus will also take part in Capsaicin. Of course here everyone expects dual-Fiji aka Radeon Pro Duo to be shown for the first time in final form.

The announcement of Radeon Pro Duo and ‘sneak peak of Polaris’ is probably more enough to make this event interesting. I don’t expect anything specific about Radeon 400 series though, but rather some buzz words like Polaris GCN 4.0 is X times efficient than GCN 3.0.

In case you didn’t know, AMD has already set up a stream for this live event on Ustream, so make sure to bookmark it.

AMD Polaris Architecture Block Diagram

AMD Polaris GCN 4.0 Architecture

by WhyCry

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