NVIDIA quietly launches GeForce 940MX, 930MX and 920MX

Published: 1 year ago

In December we told you that NVIDIA is planning some new GeForce 900MX models. Almost three months later company finally revealed its new cards.

GeForce 900MX series

GeForce 940MX, 930MX, 920MX: the life without GT(X)

The story behind GeForce 900MX models is quite simple, NVIDIA needs new mobile cards to replace a year-old models, because exactly in March 2015 NVIDIA announced its GeForce 900M series (entry-level segment). While it sounds reasonable, consumers will struggle to understand the difference between 12 different cards based on similar chips. Take GeForce 920M as example, it will be available in three different generations, based on Fermi GF119, Kepler K208 and Maxwell GM108 (new MX model). GeForce 940M was also available in different formats and now we have another two 940MX cards.

You might wonder why is it necessary to differentiate these cards by memory type, but the answer is simple. The performance gain with GDDR5 memory is substantial compared to DDR3.

The new GeForce 940MX, 930MX and 920MX are all based on Maxwell GM108. NVIDIA has not released any detailed specs, so all we know comes from reputable sources like Notebookcheck. The website also made the first 940MX review and their conclusion is simple: while GDDR5 parts are good replacements, those with DDR3 memory .. not so much. So it won’t matter if you buy 900M or 900MX as long as it’s DDR3-based.

The clock speeds and memory capacities will vary depending on notebook models, but the most important information was added to the chart below.

NVIDIA GeForce 900M(X) Series
Model Codename GPU CUDA Cores Memory Core Clk TDP
GeForce 940MX N16S-GTR-B/S GM108 384 DDR3 64b 1122+ MHz 23W
GeForce 940MX N16S-GTR-B/S GM108 384 GDDR5 64b < 1176 MHz 23W
GeForce 940M Surface Book GM108 384 GDDR5 64b 954+ MHz
GeForce 940M N16S-GT1-KB-B GM107 640 DDR3 128b 1029+ MHz
GeForce 940M N16S-GT-S GM108 384 DDR3 64b 1072+ MHz
GeForce 930MX N16S-GMR GM108 384 GDDR5 64b 967+ MHz 16W
GeForce 930MX N16S-GMR GM108 384 DDR3 64b 1006+ MHz 17W
GeForce 930M N16S-GM GM108 384 DDR3 64b 928+ MHz
GeForce 920MX N16V-GMR1-S GM108 256 DDR3 64b 926 MHz 16W
GeForce 920MX N16V-GMR1-S GM108 256 GDDR5 64b 965 MHz 16W
GeForce 920M N16V-GM-S GK208 384 DDR3 64b 954 MHz
GeForce 920M N16V-GM GF117 384 DDR3 64b 775 MHz


GeForce 900MX performance

GeForce 940MX GPUZ

GeForce 940MX

Source: Notebookcheck.com, Notebookcheck.net

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