Hitman free with Radeon graphics cards

Published: 16th Feb 2016, 13:56 GMT

Hitman game bundle

Today AMD announces new game bundle for Radeon R9 390 series.

Currently only the buyers of Radeon R9 Fury series were given a free copy of Star Wars Battlefront. However, starting from today people who buy Radeon R9 390, R9 390X or AMD FX CPUs from 6000 to 8000 series will also receive a free copy of Hitman, which is coming out on March 11th.

The promotion starts today and will last till April 30th. Only selected retailers will take part in this promotion, so make sure to check if game is included with your new graphics card.

Hitman is one of the very first games to benefit from full DirectX 12 API with asynchronous shaders support, which is great news for AMD as only their cards offer full support for this technology.

More information is available on official website.

hitman amd bundle

by WhyCry

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