AMD’s “Project F” is 232mm2 discrete GPU made in 14LPP process

Published: 13th Feb 2016, 16:15 GMT

When it comes to finding interesting information related to unreleased GPUs on LinkedIn, guys over at 3DCenter have no competition.

AMD’s Project F is Polaris 10?


Without a doubt AMD has no problem finding new codenames for its graphics chips. Ellesmere, Baffin, Greenland, Vega, Polaris 10&11 are some of the buzzwords associated through various leaks with Radeon 400 series. Determining which one is actually true is not possible at this time.

Project F is yet another codename for the chip designed at AMD HQ. What we’ve learned from previous LinkedIn leaks is that just because something is designed and reaches engineering state, it does not mean it will end up as a product for end-users. Project F could be one of such designs.

According to the profile of former AMD employee Project F is a discrete GPU designed in 14nm Low-Power Plus manufacturing process. Such chip would be manufactured by either Samsung or Global Foundaries. 14LPP is a next iteration of 14nm process bringing improvements over 14LPE (Lower-Power Early) process in performance and power efficiency roughly by 15%.

14LPP – Enhanced version with higher performance and lower power; a full platform offering with MPW, IP enablement and wide application coverage — Global Foundaries

The profile also confirms that Project F has a die size of 232mm2, which would indicate that we are looking at Pitcairn (Curacao, Trinidad) replacement. It could be the same chip that was showcased by AMD at CES as GeForce GTX 950 competitor. In other words, Project F might be the graphics processor for Radeon R9/R7 470(X) series.

Source: 3DCenter, LinkedIn

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