NVIDIA to launch GeForce GTX 980MX and GTX 970MX

Published: 1 year ago

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900MX refresh coming to notebooks

Without a doubt NVIDIA is ruling the battle in mobile graphics card market with its powerful solutions based on GM204 GPU. Radeon R9 M390 series, which are based on Tonga are struggling to fit into demanding power requirements. It’s even hard to find any direct comparisons due to rarity of those Radeon solutions.

Surprisingly NVIDIA is planning two mobile graphics cards more to fill the gap between its notebook variant of GTX 980 and GTX 980M , plus slightly faster version of 970M. Technically it doesn’t really make sense to launch those GPUs now, unless NVIDIA is just trying expand its offer for more flexibility for notebook manufacturers. Or maybe, NVIDIA is preparing for new GPUs from AMD?

GeForce GTX 980MX would sport 1664 CUDA Cores, while GTX 970MX – 1408. Both cards would also be slightly overclocked compared to its -M predecessors.

The new GeForce 900MX graphics cards are expected in the second quarter of 2016. Are these the last 28nm high-end mobile GPUs?

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900M(X)
Model GeForce GTX 980 Notebook GeForce GTX 980MX GeForce GTX 980M GeForce GTX 970MX GeForce GTX 970M
Architecture Maxwell Maxwell Maxwell Maxwell Maxwell
GPU GM204 GM204 GM204 GM204 GM204
CUDA cores 2048 1664 1536 1408 1280
Texture Units 128 104 96 88 80
Raster Devices 64 64 64 56 48
Clock Speed 1218 MHz 1048 MHz 1038 MHz 941 MHz 924 MHz
Memory Bus 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit 192-bit 192-bit
Amount of memory 8 GB GDDR5 8/4 GB GDDR5 8/4 GB GDDR5 3/6 GB GDDR5 3/6 GB GDDR5
Memory Frequency 7008 MHz 5000 MHz 5000 MHz 5000 MHz 5000 MHz
Memory Bandwidth 224 GB/s 160 GB / s 160 GB / s 120 GB / s 120 GB / s
TDP ~150W ? 125W ? 100W

Source: HWBattle via WCCFTech

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