Confirmed: Tonga has 384-bit interface

Published: 4th Dec 2015, 09:09 GMT

The mysterious AMD event that we talked about last week, is taking place in Samoa right now. Ryan Shrout is there for few days to learn more about future Radeon products. One of the things he learned and was allowed to share was the actual Tonga bus width.

The speculation began many months ago, when Japanese website reported 384-bit interface, which allegedly confirmed by AMD. No other site has ever confirmed this again. It took more than a year for Raja Koduri to finally tell us the truth — Tonga has indeed 384-bit interface, only it was not used by any Radeon product.

Let me remind you that Tonga is direct Tahiti replacement (HD 7970/R9 280X). With today’s news we finally learn that Tonga almost identical specs as it’s predecessor. It is also worth noting that Tonga is also known as Amethyst or Antigua.

Now the question is, what else will we learn from AMD event..

AMD Tahiti & Tonga comparison
Launch DateDecember 2011September 2014
ArchitectureGCN 1.0GCN 1.2
Fabrication Process28nm28nm
Transistors4.3 billion5.0 billion
Die Size (mm2)365359
Compute Units3232
Stream Cores20482048
Memory Bus384-bit384-bit

Source: PCPerspective

by WhyCry

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