VisionTek confirms Radeon R9 380X price of 250 USD

Published: 18th Nov 2015, 08:21 GMT

VisionTek were eager to share more details on yet unreleased Radeon R9 380X. 

AMD Radeon R9 380X to cost 250 USD?

The rumors about the pricing are not new. I think the last rumors were pretty accurate by predicting 250 USD price tag. This price fits well between R9 380 for about $179+ USD and R9 390 selling for $300+ (judging from Newegg pricing).

This card will be pitted against GTX 960/970, but it’s hard to say actually, because the gap in NVIDIA cards is quite large. Don’t be surprised to see quick response from NVIDIA with 960 Ti.

VisionTek ad tells us that their factory-overclocked card will do just fine ‘all the way to 4K resolution’. Well I think this statement is little exaggerated. How many gamers there are with 4K screens that will buy 250 USD graphics cards? On the other hand, we still have VSR support, so technically we can still enjoy 4K gaming (only Tonga and Fiji support 4K VSR).

Radeon R9 380X is expected to feature full Tonga/Antigua GPU with 2048 Stream Processors. Card is expected to launch in 2 days.

Visiontek R9 380X

by WhyCry

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