AMD’s Fiji die shot released by Chipworks

Published: 4th Nov 2015, 16:34 GMT

Guys over at 3DCenter found new report from Chipworks.

Fiji die exposed

Chipworks specialize in analyzing circuits, structure of semiconductors and also highly complicated chips like GPUs, CPUs and memories. Their professional reports can later be used in reverse engineering or scientific studies.

We however are not planning to reverse engineer anything. Our interest begins in Stream Processor count, and ends in complexity of the GPU. The more advanced the GPU the more transistors it requires to be build.

Fiji is different. More transistors can be put into actual computing as less space is required for memory controllers. Fiji has 64 Compute Engines, which are not that easy to spot on this small picture (better quality is available for those who pay for the full report).

Below is the comparison between Tahiti, Tonga and Fiji. Hawaii is not included, because no die shot was released. Tonga and Fiji are from the same IP level, so the foundations are theoretically the same.

Can you see spot all 64 Compute Engines?

Note: scale is not correct.

Tahiti vs Tonga vs Fiji dieshots
Chipworks AMD Fiji die shot Chipworks Hynix HBM

fiji block diagram

Fiji block diagram


Source: 3DCenter, Chipworks


by WhyCry

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