(Update) AMD Radeon Software ‘Crimson’ to replace Catalyst Control Center

Published: 2nd Nov 2015, 07:34 GMT

AMD Crimson Drivers (12)

Eteknix shares some fresh news from the Red Camp, which has just recently split into two entities. Radeon Technologies Group is now fully responsible for the development of graphics processors. 

The restructuration has not stopped on name changes. RTG already looks forward to completely modernize their driver software. That’s how Radeon Software ‘Crimson Edition’ has emerged.

Crimson Edition is not the name that will stay with us for eternity. Each major update will receive new name (Catalyst, Omega, Crimson). Crimson Edition software and driver will be released ‘before the end of this year’.

Radeon Software will include new application called AMD Radeon Settings. Here you will do pretty much everything that NVIDIA Experience already supports and more: game discovery, image quality settings, profile support, driver updates, overclocking, eyefinity configuration and more.

Source: Eteknix

by WhyCry

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