ASUS makes white Radeon R9 Nano

Published: 22nd Oct 2015, 15:40 GMT

ASUS R9 Nano White (2) ASUS R9 Nano White (3)

It appears AMD has finally allowed its partners to launch first custom Radeon R9 Nanos, kind of.

ASUS Radeon R9 Nano in white

For now, customizations are limited to new color schemes, but that’s enough to differentiate your card from the rest. It is yet unclear whether AMD is planning allow its partners to bypass all design restrictions, but they have already given a green light to ASUS with its new white edition of R9 Nano, so I see no reason to step back now. In fact most AIBs already offer mini-ITX cooling solutions, so adapting them wouldn’t be a problem.

The smallest Radeon with 4096 unified processors is one of the most interesting cards launched this year. It’s very power efficient, offers most up-to-date technologies and it will fit into all desktop PCs.

ASUS R9 Nano is just 15 centimeters long. It has 4GB HBM1 4096-bit memory with Fiji graphics processor featuring 4096 Stream Cores. The card will operate in frequencies between 800 to 1000 MHz, with typical power board of 175W.

According to ComputerBase white R9 Nano is expected in November.

ASUS R9 Nano White (1) ASUS R9 Nano White (4)

Source: ComputerBase

by WhyCry

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