AMD Radeon R9 Nano coming next week

Published: 21st Aug 2015, 10:45 GMT

AMD Radeon R9 Nano (1)

Thai website called Zolkron claims that Radeon R9 Nano will launch next week on August 27th.

AMD Radeon R9 Nano to be the most powerful 6 inch graphics card

The R9 Nano, which is not part of Fury series, has been showcased in June along with Fury X and unfinished dual-Fiji graphics card, which is expected even later than Nano.

Personally I think that Nano was the star of the show, we never had the opportunity to see 4k stream cores in such a small form factor. And I said 4k, because Nano is rumored to have the same GPU configuration as Fury X, only downclocked to meet very strict power consumption standard of 175W.

The OEM builders and some more devoted fans, already have these cards for tests. It’s unclear yet if R9 Nano samples will be seeded by AMD only (just like Fury X) or by its partners. The first option would probably mean very limited supply, whereas the second option would give us hope that AIBs would generate higher supply for the market.

I’m just wondering if this card is going to cost less than R9 Fury non-X or more. It should be slower out of the box, but just imagine the potential after installing more efficient cooler. Just remember it only has one 8pin power connection, but theoretically we still have 50W of overclocking headroom.

Nevertheless, if the launch date is correct, I will do my best to give you more information before it.

Casemod with R9 Nano by Elmy:

Elmy casemod R9 NANO (1) Elmy casemod R9 NANO (2)

Source: Zolkron

by WhyCry

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