NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 3DMark benchmark leaks out

Published: 18th Aug 2015, 20:42 GMT

First synthetic benchmarks of NVIDIA’s upcoming graphics card — GeForce GTX 950 — have finally hit the web.

GeForce GTX 950 reaches 3000 points in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme

The card in question is Gainward GTX 950 (Chinese edition). During 3DMark the frequency oscillated around 1430 MHz, presumably thanks to non-reference nature of the this card. The score is not shocking, that’s still under GTX 960, but above GTX 760 (for reference). Just take into account that CPU is based on Sandy Bridge architecture.

GeForce GTX 950 3DMark 11 GeForce GTX 950 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme

Here’s how this card looks. The back plate is not necessarily something exclusive for Gainward cards in mid-range market.

Gainward GTX 950 (2) Gainward GTX 950 (1)

Some EVGA cards are also equipped with back plates. I heard they are preparing 8 different models (that’s including models with 4GB of memory). Here’s one of them equipped with non-reference PCB and ACX 2.0 cooling.

EVGA GTX 950 ACX2 EVGA GTX 950 backplate

Source: Baidu

by WhyCry

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